Australians Under Water

Before I left for Hawaii I had the wonderful opportunity to photography Hayles of Hayles Adventures and her cousinView full post »

Behind The Scenes Video

Are you curious as to what goes on during an underwater shoot? Just take a peek! Here is the REAL me. Messy hair.View full post »

Nicole : Underwater Senior Portraits

For the first time ever, I had a senior girl contact me directly to get underwater portraits. We had to push off theView full post »

Mark : Underwater Portraits at Waimea Bay

It’s very rare that I get to photograph just a man for an entire session so when the occasion arose I was aView full post »

Nadia : Underwater Mini Photo Session

Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that this water will change into a scary mess this winter. Waves so big that itView full post »

Advice From a Mom on Teaching Your Child to Swim

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing a pregnant mother and her child. Heather, the mother, was about eightView full post »

Sunset SUP Session

As a photographer I want to capture all the things I do. ALL the beauty I see around me. I cannot. I have found aView full post »

Miskini Australia : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photography

Social media has allowed me to connect with other people and companies easier than ever before. Miskini is a newView full post »

Ai : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Maternity Photography

Last week I had the utmost pleasure of photographing a beautiful pregnant mother in the crystal clear ocean on Oahu. AiView full post »

Mermaids : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photography

Do you have the Monday blues? The ocean wants to welcome you with open arms this summer. All I can say is get in asView full post »

Gillian : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Maternity Photography

I don’t know how it feels to be pregnant; however, I know how I feel when I see a pregnant woman. They areView full post »

Currently Roaming : French Polynesia

Hello lovely!   If you are trying to contact me, I’m out exploring French Polynesia for three weeks.View full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photographer

Last week I shot a couple more mini sessions and at one of them I got to work with these two beautiful mermaids at theView full post »

Hillary + Alex : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Mini Session

Young love. There is something about being around these two together that just makes my heart happy. They are so stokedView full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photographer

Last Saturday I did a round of mini sessions at Electric Beach. There are still some dates left if you are looking toView full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photography

Some of you may know that this is my last semester in college for my bachelor’s in business. I ended up taking aView full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photographer

It’s Electric. Really. Truly. This place is electric. I am so fascinated by Electric Beach on Oahu. There areView full post »

Casey + Shaun : Oahu Underwater Engagement Photography

Casey and Shaun are engaged! I couldn’t be happier for these two. They couldn’t stop touching or looking atView full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photographer

My husband and I were introduced to this couple about a year and a half ago. Our first couple date was on the NorthView full post »

Leila : Tidepool Mermaid, Oahu, North Shore Photographer

Leila and I drove quite a ways to get here and then took a leisurely stroll out to the tidepools. The waves were goingView full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photographer

Is it summer? Is it summer yet? This was my very first couple session…in the water. We worked really, really hardView full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photographer

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been to Waikiki to surf. A few years ago I was staying in town andView full post »

Underwater Wednesday : Oahu, Hawaii Underwater Photographer

Every Wednesday I am going to post a photo that has to do with underwater photography. YES! Underwater Portraits onView full post »

Jackson Family : Family Photography, North Shore, Oahu Hawaii

I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had with this amazing family. These guys were super laid back and readyView full post »

Meghan + Liam : Underwater Photography, Oahu, Hawaii

The first part of Meghan and Liam’s Oahu photography adventure had them hiking to a waterfall which can be foundView full post »

Meghan + Liam : Chasing Waterfalls

Meghan and Liam came to Oahu from Canada to visit one of our coldest sites. Yes, the waterfalls in Oahu are super cold!View full post »

Kiki : South Shore

Kiki had been studying abroad here on Oahu for a few months and before she left she had to get photos done andView full post »

Challenge Completed

When I first started this challenge I wanted to accomplish a few things. I wanted acquire more landscape photos, scoutView full post »

Day 30 : Sunday Beach Daze

Day 30 of 30 : Wow! Did thirty days just really go by? I have never completed a challenge. Ever. I did it! I am aView full post »

Day 29 : Rainy Day Swims

Day 29 of 30 :   Volunteered in town and then felt so exhausted the rest of the day. Turned rainy but you knowView full post »

Day 28 : Spa Day

Day 28 of 30 :   What should a person do after hiking, shopping, and a night out on the town? Go to the spa. SuchView full post »

Day 27 : Town Side

Day 27 of 30 :   Started the day dipping in a salt water pool and then staying overnight in Waikiki. I cannotView full post »

Day 26 : Heaven on Earth

Day 26 of 30 :   Heaven is a place on earth. At least that’s how I feel about Hawaii!  View full post »

Day 25 : Float On

Day 25 of 30 :   Step 1: Go to Wal-Mart, Target, or Amazon and immediately buy a floaty. Step 2: Go to yourView full post »

Day 24 : Dream Upon a Star

Day 24 of 30 :   When was the last time you sat outside and stargazed? Dream upon a star. There’s thisView full post »

Day 23 : Kaimana Beach Clean Up

Day 23 of 30 :   Hooked up with Lauren of Take 3 Hawaii to help clean up a beach down in Waikiki. Take 3 Hawaii isView full post »